Happy Campers Purchased from HW Motor Homes in Canton, Michigan

Our truck camper purchase was an exceptional experience. All of my requests were addressed including a heightened table top which required a clever fix to facilitate. David and I brought stall mats to be placed in the bed of the truck and they were thoughtfully installed when we returned from lunch. When we returned to pick up our camper, careful and thorough instructions were provided about the techniques for placing this camper on our truck and the operation of the 'parts' in the camper were explained. Every question I asked was responded to, some twice with patience! HW Motor Homes was positive, enjoyable and informative!

David S. - 4/10/2018
Salesperson: Dan White
Unit Description: Truck Camper purchase

Dan, It was a pleasure doing business with you. I appreciate the great service especially from Tim and your brother the last day I was at your dealership. You have a great business based upon integrity and fair prices. Thanks for all. Sincerely, Henry

Henry F. - 2/24/2018
Salesperson: Dan White
Unit Description: 2018 Travel Lite- 770R Super Lite truck camper
Mark B.

I have my first month of traveling under my belt. Having a great time with my Prolite. Headed West!

Mark B. - 4/13/2017
Salesperson: Dan
Unit Description: Prolite

These folks bent over backwards to make trading in our older unit and purchasing the new truck camper the best experience we have ever had in purchasing an RV. We were glad to drive 4 hours one way to deal with this business. Love, love, love the way we were treated and the follow up care.

Karen - 4/8/2017
Salesperson: Dan White
Unit Description: 2016 840SBRX truck camper by Travel Lite

I have Extreme Gratitude for the patience and tolerance your Staff demonstrated this week. I had some very basic questions which your staff took the time and effort to answer. Retrospectively, I was embarrassed with how basic my questions were and rudimentary my understanding. Admittedly the Prolite User's guide on Prolite's site was not helpful and directions in manuals were not clear., Although verbal, I need pictures. So if anything else they probably got a good laugh, but were professional enough not to chuckle over the phone. Thank you. Ted

Ted U. - 3/23/2017
Salesperson: Dan
Unit Description: 2017 Prolite

Hi, Dan, Everything is going great. We're leaving in March on a 10,000 mile North American road trip with our Prolite. Let's see if my little Ranger has the stuff of greatness. We have already gotten a pile of miles on this unit. I don't see how that could have been a better choice for us. Best Regards, Mark

Mark B. - 2/28/2017
Salesperson: Dan White
Unit Description: Prolite- Cool 13

H.W.Motor Homes is a friendly and very helpful place to buy an RV. They did everything one could hope for to make my purchase a successful one.

Mark from Atchinson, KS - 11/12/2016
Salesperson: Dan
Unit Description: 2017 Quicksilver 14XLP by Livin lite

Dan White and crew were great to work with. I have nothing but good things to say about this business. Very honest, friendly and respectable.

Sam from Lafeyette, Indiana - 11/12/2016
Salesperson: Dan
Unit Description: 2015 Alumalite 5th wheel by Livin Lite
Mr. Roe

I am up in Alaska with this great truck camper by Livin Lite. Great Choice for this awesome place!

Mr. Roe - 10/25/2016
Salesperson: Dan White
Unit Description: 2017 Camplite 8.6 truck camper

This place made my first camper purchase a breeze. Dan was informative, honest and willing to go the extra mile for us. Even at closing time he wasn't forcing us out the door. When, I go to upgrade I will be back to H W Motor Homes.

Michael S. - 9/2/2016
Salesperson: Dan White
Unit Description: Puma -Canyon Cat 17QBC